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A solute (a physically separate liquid, solid, or gas) is dissolved by a solvent, which creates a solution. Although it can also be a material or a gas, a solvent is often a liquid. Temperature affects how much solute may dissolve in a given amount of solvent. All the protons and enzymes in a cell are dissolved in water, a solvent for dipoles and the most frequent solvent employed by living organisms. In the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas sectors, solvents are used in various processes, including chemical synthesis and purification.

  • Solutes in Coatings and Paints To provide the paint with the right consistency for application and prevent clumps or globs, solvents in paints dissolve or disperse the ingredients employed in the formulation. Some spray paints have glycol ether esters added to them to stop them from drying in the air. For a beautiful, more lasting finish, vehicles, for instance, can acquire multiple smooth, perfect coats of paint thanks to the potent group of solvents' gradual evaporation.

  • Solvents in Inks: Many inks, employed to produce everything from food packaging and labels to periodicals, depend on solvents to be applied correctly, stay in place, and make their vibrant colors. In a specialized kind of magazine printing, the hydrocarbon solvent toluene is utilized as the ink solvent since it evaporates rapidly enough to prevent smearing and residual toluene is simple to recycle.



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Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.


Pharmchemsurplus International is a world leading surplus chemical company. We are committed to assisting industrial companies in reducing the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes. Our dedication encompasses the integration of sustainable and environmental practices into our business solutions. Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.

Many companies are looking for a solution for their unused stock. Instead of laying out large amounts of money for waste disposal you can receive payment

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Pharmchemsurplus provides an environmental solution for:

  • Materials and surplus stock
  • Out of date stock
  • Off specification materials
  • Slow moving stock
  • Byproducts

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