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Since they are frequently employed in various residential, commercial, and corporate programs for permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary attachment purposes, adhesives and gums are a lucrative market for entrepreneurs or startups. The need for permanent housing is expanding in several countries, increasing the price of adhesives and sealants. The building industry has applications for adhesives and sealants, including carpet, tiling, wallpaper, and exterior insulating structures. As a result, the growing need for glues and bonds in the construction sector has become a key market driving factor for business owners. Their different number one traits play a significant role in this differentiation. While certain adhesives, often called adhesive sealants, can perform both adhesion and sealing, their primary purpose isn’t necessarily to fill voids or define boundaries between substrates. To improve composite and composite retention abilities, adhesive glue is employed. This resin may also be used in response to prevent bacterial microleakage. They may be utilized extensively in various applications, including packing, cars, creation, and multiple businesses.

  • In packaging food and drink, consumer goods, seafood and meat, tubes, and bottles, adhesive resin is frequently employed. Tacky glue is used in vehicle frame components, such as door and front-quit modules, in the automotive industry. The market for bio-based adhesives is likely to increase as more people become aware of environmentally acceptable options, which will help stop-person enterprises reduce their environmental impact. For the joining of aircraft and automobile bodywork, exceptionally specialized adhesive resins are currently being developed.



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Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.


Pharmchemsurplus International is a world leading surplus chemical company. We are committed to assisting industrial companies in reducing the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes. Our dedication encompasses the integration of sustainable and environmental practices into our business solutions. Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.

Many companies are looking for a solution for their unused stock. Instead of laying out large amounts of money for waste disposal you can receive payment

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Pharmchemsurplus provides an environmental solution for:

  • Materials and surplus stock
  • Out of date stock
  • Off specification materials
  • Slow moving stock
  • Byproducts

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