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The industrial equivalent of naturally occurring plant resins is polymer resin. Like plant resins, polymer resin also begins as a viscous, sticky fluid that permanently hardens after exposure to air for a certain amount of time. Typically, thermosetting polymers and other organic compounds are soaped to create them. Companies that develop thermoplastics can utilize materials like methyl methacrylate, which, when liquid, acts like a casting-type resin. The polymerization of methyl methacrylate causes it to solidify into a hard substance. The final result is occasionally utilized as a kind of acrylic glass.

  • In autos or cars. The polymer resin is widely used in auto manufacturers and facilities that make car parts and accessories. The material is necessary to create several automobile-related functions, including carpets and seat belts. The longevity of the components mentioned above and completed goods is a result of the employment of these polymers in the injection molding procedures for automobiles. Companies who want to keep clients traveling in cars and other vehicles safely and securely frequently turn to PolyVisions, Inc. for polymers that are guaranteed to endure a lot of stress and strain.

  • Getting constructed: This material may be used for a massive range of building projects. They may be used to create a strong window or door frames, long-lasting yet attractive floor tiles, the undersides of worktops, and other things. Polymer resins are coveted in the construction industry in addition to their durability for their adaptability since the liquid form may be poured into molds to create the required shape.

  • While in transit: This substance is a gift from heaven for individuals who make different packaging materials. The liquid form of this substance helps create distinctively shaped yet robust types of packaging for goods with unusual shapes. It is also possible to carve this material into screws and bolts, standard components of packing materials.



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Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.


Pharmchemsurplus International is a world leading surplus chemical company. We are committed to assisting industrial companies in reducing the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes. Our dedication encompasses the integration of sustainable and environmental practices into our business solutions. Pharmchemsurplus specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.

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Pharmchemsurplus provides an environmental solution for:

  • Materials and surplus stock
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